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Esoterica: The Bayou Coquille Phantom -- Real-Life Mass Hysteria ...

The Bayou Coquille Phantom

I received the following anecdote a several years ago:

I am from Southern Louisiana and just recently had back surgery, so I haven't been out my house in a while. I wanted to take a ride in the car...it was about 3:30 am. I was on old Barataria Road which is in a wildlife refuge named Jean Lafitte National Park. It's a dark road with no lights. I like to go in it to see deer, coyotes and other wildlife.

Well, this night I witnessed something a little different. I drove down the road about a mile and a half past the flood gates when, in my headlights, I thought I could see a person. I slowed down to about 10 MPH. It was a woman facing down in a white dress and long black hair. This was no ordinary woman because the top half of her body was visible and transparent. I could see the trees through her body. She had a whitish dress with a ruffled collar and ruffles around the wrist. I was 5 feet from her and as I swerved to miss her she (as best as I describe it) teleported right into my car. I immediately smelled burnt hair and got this weird feeling of emotion...like a deep sadness. It freaked me out! I drove off fast and had the cab light on the rest of the way as i felt as if there was someone in the back seat.

I told this story to my mom and she said she had a friend back in the 80's who had said she'd seen a similar thing. I had heard stories about Bayou Coquille, but man it was awesome when it happens to you. Just thought I'd share this with you guys. I know this might sound crazy but it's true...I wasn't drinking and wasn't on no drugs.

NOTE: I have heard of the ghost of Jean Lafitte and a few other swamp monster sightings in this area, but this is the first I've heard of a phantom woman roaming the bayou. This story is very similar to those I've heard from Brunei and Indonesia in reference to the hitchhiking woman (Kuntilanak) as well as the Pontianak and Penanggalan. I have posted some of the encounters previously. This anecdote is just one of many that I plan to publish in my next book...Lon


Was Napoleon Clairvoyant?

- In our series timed for the bicentenary of the Russian victory in the 1812 war with Napoleon we continue to acquaint you with the people and the events of those days. Our story today is again about Napoleon Bonaparte, outstanding military commander, said to have the ability of clairvoyance.

The topic is highly controversial, with many questioning Napoleon?s paranormal abilities. Others, in contrast, point to a sheaf of relevant documents, not least Napoleon?s private letters and diaries, which they say are indications of Bonaparte possessing the power of clairvoyance.

Some experts quote Napoleon as saying that since his childhood, he had always been in the know about his future, which Bonaparte attributed to what he called ?something of an inner feeling.? Napoleon argued that he was allegedly able to always avoid potential political and private troubles thanks to his ability to foresee future events. The caveat, though, flies in the face of Napoleon?s move to start a war with Russia in 1812, which many maintain became the beginning of the end of Napoleon?s political career. Small doubt, given Russia?s brilliant victory over what was internationally known as the invincible Grand Army of France.

Napoleon?s clairvoyance, scholars say, seemed to let him down again during the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, when French troops were defeated by British, Dutch and Prussian forces. The defeat at Waterloo put an end to Napoleon's rule as the Emperor of France and marked the end of his Hundred Days? return from exile. Napoleon abdicated, surrendered to the British, and was exiled to the island of Saint Helena, where he died in 1821.

As far as Napoleon' paranormal abilities are concerned, they were more than once cited by his aides, who were not surprised to see him scanning people?s thoughts. Then again, their allegations run counter to the fact that the Napoleon team included quite a few top military officials who subsequently did not think twice before betraying their overlord. Suffice it to mention Marshal Michel Ney, who was quick to pressure Napoleon to accept his first abdication and exile in 1814, when the Bourbons reclaimed the throne.

When hearing of Napoleon?s return to France, Ney, determined to keep France at peace and to show his loyalty to King Louis XVIII, organized a force to stop Napoleon?s march on Paris. Ney pointedly promised to bring Napoleon back alive in an iron cage, a surprise twist of mind given that it was Napoleon who previously promoted Ney to the rank of Marshal.

That Napoleon had the ability of clairvoyance is an open secret, some pundits persist, pointing to Bonaparte?s personal diary, where the island of Saint Helena was mysteriously mentioned years before Napoleon being exiled there.

Legend has it that Nostradamus, the 16th century psychic seer, predicted Napoleon?s birth and all that it implies. The prediction surprisingly proved true right down to minutiae, which contemporaries said impressed Napoleon, who obtained Nostradamus manuscript at the beginning of the 19th century. Napoleon scrupulously studied the document before putting it to the back burner. Since then, speculation has been rife that Nostradamus prediction added significantly to Napoleon?s alleged see-through abilities. - ruvr.ru


Real-Life Mass Hysteria

If you?re an avid movie watcher, you?ve probably come across some pretty weird urban legends and myths. What?s amazing is that oftentimes real-life occurrences of mass hysteria, spurred on by mass psychogenic illness or collective obsessional behavior are much more bizarre and scary than fictional myths. These anomalous phenomena occur just like other natural phenomena and have long-lasting psychological and often fatal effects on the victims. Unusual as they are, similarly absurd phenomena are observed in animals and plants as well.

200+ Years of Witch Hunts, Trials and Executions

Most common in the Early Modern period (1480 to 1700) in Europe, witch hunts were one of the most popular and widespread forms of mass hysteria, resulting in legally sanctioned witchcraft trials and mob lynchings of many unfortunate people. The practice was so widespread that in later years absurdity of these accusations caused the term to adopt a connotation of malicious false accusations and persecution such as the anti-communist accusations during the McCarthy era.

The Dancing Plague of 1518

In July 1518 in Strasbourg, Alsace, France, a large number of people spontaneously started dancing for days without rest over a period of one month. Most of the people ended up dying due to heart attacks, strokes, or exhaustion. The plague started with one woman, in a matter of a few days that number increased to 34, and within a month to 400. To this day the cause of the mass hysteria is unknown.

The War of the Worlds Martian Invasion

Adapted from H. G. Wells? famous novel The War of the Worlds, a Halloween radio broadcast on October 30, 1938 directed and narrated by Orson Welles caused thousands of listeners to believe that an actual Martian invasion was taking place (the fact that the environment was already generally hostile, leading up to the war, didn?t help). The hour-long radio broadcast was narrated in a news bulletin format, without any commercial breaks, causing many in the audience to be afraid while many others actually panicked, reporting that they could smell poison gas or see lightning flashes in the distance. According to some historians, approximately 6 million people heard the broadcast, 1.7 million thought it was true, and out of those, 1.2 million were actually frightened.

The Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic

This laughter epidemic started in a Tanzanian village in 1962. Starting with an innocent joke in a boarding school, the resulting laughter is said to have perpetuated itself and spreading to thousands of people. The laughter, some people claim was incapacitating. Other symptoms included respiratory problems, fainting, pain, and weirdly enough, crying attacks. The phenomenon lasted for about 18 months.

The Halifax Slasher Incident

On November 1938, Halifax, England, a week-long scare was started after 2 people falsely claimed to have been attacked by a man with a mallet. In the days that followed, more reports of attacks by this ?mysterious man? started popping up. The situation got so serious that the Scotland Yard had to step in to help the police and get to the bottom of these reports. Several people were mistakenly identified as the slasher and consequently beaten up by angry mobs and matters escalated to a point where most businesses in the city were shut down and people were afraid to leave their homes. On November 29, one of the original alleged victims admitted that he had made the story up, causing many others to also confess and leading to 5 people being charged with public mischief out of which 4 were eventually sent to prison.

Strawberries With Sugar Soap Opera Disease

Morangos com A??car is a famous Portuguese youth soap opera in its sixth season right now, and is popular in predominantly among children and teenagers because of its depiction of adventures of Portuguese youth. In May 2006, over 300 students across 14 different schools began reporting symptoms matching those of the characters on the show, including rashes, respiratory difficulties and more, causing many schools to shut down. The ?disease? was ultimately dubbed mass hysteria by the Portuguese National Institute for Medical Emergency.

The Misanthropic Monkey-Man of Delhi

The story of this monkey-man is widespread in India though still remains a cryptid. Starting in May 2001, people started reporting that a strange monkey-man was attacking them at night. Descriptions of the monkey-man vary a great deal, with some believing him to be an avatar of a Hindu god, while others believe he is an Indian version of Bigfoot, and some even believing that he is a cyborg that can be deactivated if you throw water on its motherboard. The alleged victims include numerous people attacked by the monkey-man, including one pregnant women, and a few others who were attacked by an angry mob which believed them to be the monkey-man.

The Revenge of Kuchisake-Onna

Kuchisake-onna, or Slit-Mouth Woman, is a Japanese mythological legend that tells the story of an unfortunate woman whose face was mutilated by a jealous husband, and who returns as an angry spirit hell bent on taking revenge by inflicting similar wounds on others. As with any good urban legend, rumors started circulating in 1979 about Kuchisake-onna sightings, then again in 2004, and again in 2007.

The Hindu Milk Miracle

The Hindu milk miracle was first observed on September 21, 1995. A worshiper in a south-Delhi temple made a routine offering of milk to a statue of a Hindu god, and the liquid disappeared from the bowl, apparently sucked in by the trunk of the statue. In a matter of few hours, the word spread that a similar phenomenon could be replicated with statues all over North India. Similar ?miracles? were also reported on in 2006.

Genital Retraction Syndrome

Genital Retraction Syndrome is a form of mass hysteria where people are overcome with the belief that their genitals (most commonly penises and breasts) are shrinking, or retracting into the body. Sometimes people even believe that they may spontaneously disappear. Such panics have occurred in many different places in the world, but most commonly in Africa in Asia. The panics are noticeably more common in places with lower standards or provision of education and where the local understanding of science and biology are lacking.

The 2006 Mumbai Sweet Seawater Incident

In 2006, residents of Mumbai claimed and began reporting that the water at one of the most polluted creeks in India, the Mahim Creek, had turned sweet. The claim, as ridiculous as it sounds considering that the creek receives thousands of tonnes of raw sewage and industrial waste every day, caused many to drink the water and save it in plastic bottles for later consumption.


Paranormal Experiences

In our place we have a lot of unexplained experiences. My husband always said he felt that there was something with us, but I thought he was crazy. Until our newborn was brought home from the hospital. On the second night she was home, she was laying on the changing table, and she was picked up and thrown on the floor 5 feet away from the side of the changing table. This would not be possible if she just fell and you could tell this just by the way she landed. It looked like she was literally taken away from the table and dropped, right in front of us, and there was nothing we could do. From that moment we were very upset. We took pictures at times when the baby would be looking around as if following something, and in the area she was fixated on that we snapped the photo, there was an orb in the picture. We took multiple more pictures like this over time ( with orbs in them.) Whatever is here seems very interested in the baby. There are times that we leave (we always turn the lights off) and we come home and certain lights would be back on. When my husband was cleaning the closet, the other closet door behind him opened up while he was right in front of it. We have also seen orbs with our own eyes. I even once heard crying. This place is too much at times, and I will be having a paranormal investigator come in as soon as possible. I am eager to see what they can find out. - Katherine R.


Shortly after we moved in, our children noticed the sounds of children crying and making a running noise up and down the living room stair steps. One winter evening when our older daughter and I were in the living room watching the tv, for no reason, the curtain beside the tv went out from the window at least a foot with the window closed and no one around it.

I had a dream that I was being pulled into my closet by a presence. When our children were young they liked to eat red licorice and when I would keep it in a glass container that was closed within a few days the pieces would get smaller and smaller down to 1? in size and you could tell they weren?t cut or pulled apart.

Our children have noticed a dark and also light object flying about 2 foot from the ceiling and we have noticed it also.

This past few months we have heard a commotion and a closing of the attic door when no one is there but us in another bedroom. - Eileen B. - TheReporterOnline


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